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Spiced Apple Kiss. A Tea Inspired by Fall

September 27, 2020

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Happy Autumn! Here at Key To Teas, we've incorporated all the Autumnal nostalgia and sentiments to create an amazing seasonal blend, Spiced Apple Kiss. A medley of cinnamon, chicory root, carob pieces, hibiscus, plum and of course apples and more. This is a healthy alternative or addition to drinking fresh apple cider or heating up a cinnamon spice toddy on the stovetop. Naturally caffeine-free, this blend can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages, anytime of the day.  We hope you'll enjoy this amazing blend on a South African red rooibos as much as we do.

The seasonal changes from late summer to Fall has strangely felt very similar in a good way, in all the States I've lived in whether in the NY Tri-State area, Atlanta, GA or Bellevue, Washington. The green leaves start to change to beautiful yellow and orange hues, the air is crisp and cooler, not too cold. The sky is bright and blue. Here in the PNW or Pacific Northwest, the sun sets a tad too earlier. But one thing is true, there's something super nostalgic about the "Back To School" time of year and even though both of my older children are in virtual learning, we still had the opportunity to go pumpkin patching and apple picking today. A short 30 minute drive up north brings us into farm land close to the city and the corn fields, cows, horses start coming into our periphery.

There's nothing better than picking up a ripe apple straight from the tree. I learned that apples aren't to be pulled down but flipped upside down so the apple has the opportunity to bud again next year. Apparently if you twist and pull it down straight, then the plucking will take the entire bud with it and the apple won't grow back next year.

We picked fresh honey crisps and galas while thanking them for their bounty and counting our blessings. My oldest is a freshman in college now so if it weren't for virtual learning, he wouldn't have been able to join us in our family outing. One more blessing to count and more memories created until he truly fledges and leaves our nest at least, just for a while.

And here's the little one. In my 40+ years and having had the opportunity to pick fresh apples mostly in New England, this year was truly a first to wearing masks. But we could still smell hot apple cider in the air, hear the hogs grunting, tractors trailing while pushing our pumpkin wagons through the apple cider donut aromas. Yum!

And like apples and pumpkins, tea and botanicals have its peak season as well. We strive to select the highest quality ingredients sourcing from all around the world so you too can enjoy that special tea blend that evokes nostalgia and memories Your way.

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