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Our Story

The Key to A Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit Through Tea

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Key To Teas is a tea company built on the personal story and expertise of Naoko Tsunoda after working in the specialty food and beverage industry for 20 years. Spending her adolescence in Japan, Naoko experienced that tea was the way to connect whether being invited to her Auntie's house, her mother hosting guests or meeting up with friends after school. In Japan, “Ocha shinai? Do you want to do tea or Would you like to come over for tea?” is in the fabric of social sayings like “Do you want to meet up for coffee?” in the US. Japan is also a green tea producing country where May is shincha or new harvest season and the freshest teas arrive directly from tea producing regions to your door.

Naoko would eventually return back to the United States, her birth country. Even though she spent her early childhood years in the US, coming back to the States was a big cultural shock and social transition. She missed the ritual of drinking good tea with great company and would forge a path to discover and create her own American tea journey, working with leading and successful American tea pioneers, which would become her mentors.

Naoko has since, opened her tea aperture wider from loving Japanese greens to floral oolongs, first flush Darjeeling, and creating innovative flavor profiles for botanical blends. She is delighted to see quality Matcha, a centuries old beverage, being received and enjoyed daily by Americans today.

For those who love tea or are tea curious, thank you for giving us a chance to connect. We are grateful to your visiting our site and truly hope you will share your tea journey with us, as we continue to open and practice the joy of healthy mind, body and spirit through tea!