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About Key To Teas

Your Key to Enjoying Delicious, Sustainable, Premium Tea At Home

Our mission is to create a modern-day tea culture by delivering the highest quality, innovative tea products with a social responsibility.

As A Woman Business Owner, A Daughter, A Mom, I Am Committed to Advocating for Women & Children

"My adoptive parents gave me the opportunity to thrive and pursue my passion in tea, cooking & baking, while creating memories and relationships with family and friends. They instilled in me core values of recognizing life is too short.  Do what you love, do it well & give back to the community with purpose."  

Naoko | Founder & Owner

About Founder

All of Our Teas Are Thoughtfully and Sustainably Sourced

We strive to purchase from small lots from small producers who protect the integrity and flavor of specialty loose-leaf teas.

Tea Origins

From Garden to Cup and Nothing In Between

We strive to be transparent from tea producers to our customers through one unified understanding and love for the taste and wellness each cup brings.

Our Social Impact Is Important, and That’s Why We’re Giving Back

Naoko's purpose is to empower and elevate the voices of underserviced women and children across the world through tea, the second most drunk beverage in the world to water.