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Avery Features Key To Teas

April 27, 2021

Image For Avery Features Key To Teas

Never did we imagine a large labeling company like Avery would reach out to us and feature a small start-up business like ours for their Customer Spotlight Feature!

We are so excited to be selected and to have another set of eyes, the human touch, to extract everything about myself (Founder) and the company, and see what resonates and be re-written.  That means someone took the time to read through our website and social media pages and curate content just by 'being a customer.'  

We are always conscientious on how we spend our money.  After a wide internet search locally and internationally, we chose Avery's product and services as their customization possibilities are endless.  

Most of our loyal customers have been family & friends with one or two degrees of separation.  This gesture and being personally contacted by their team highlights and brings in introspective behavior on how I can continue to elevate our Key To Teas customer experience.

You can read more about our Feature here on Avery's Blog:

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