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Social Responsibility

We are committed to giving back 1% of company sales to social causes and partnering with organizations with aligned mission & values.

As a child born to a refugee birth mother who gave her newborn up for adoption, Naoko recognizes the odds against her had she not been adopted by two loving parents with financial means to provide, care and nurture.

We do not get to choose who we are born to nor where we are born. It is sheer luck and draw of life where one is born. Our Founder recognizes being born in the United States, a country built on democracy and freedom, is a privilege and with this comes tremendous responsibility.

Key To Teas is committed to partnering with non-profit organizations who advocate and support those in underserviced communities. We are focused to support causes that Naoko is passionate about: women's empowerment, refugee advocacy, education of orphaned children, and supporting the education of families and children in tea producing countries.