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Mission and Values

Our Mission

To create a modern-day tea culture by delivering the highest quality, innovative tea products with a social responsibility.

Our Values

Highest Quality: We believe in sourcing the highest quality pure tea and botanicals from around the world. We strive to purchase small lots from small producers who protect the integrity and flavor of premium loose-leaf teas. From hand-plucked teas, hand-rolled pearls, to the innovative way we partner with blenders, we hope you will be amazed as much as we are, tasting different teas and blends which all have its own character.

Innovation: We believe in respecting tradition and creating a modern tea lifestyle and culture by challenging the status quo. Inspired by the culinary world, flavors, ingredients as well as mixology, tasting tea and enjoying the cup should be approachable, inviting and bring a wow-factor to your experience.

Sustainability: We believe in respecting the earth and leaving the planet to the next generation without producing more waste. For these reasons, we will not sell a teaspoon nor manufactured tea bags which the world is already full of. All brewed tea and botanicals are compostable.

Customer Service: As the Japanese tea saying, 一期一会 ichigo ichie goes, we treat every customer as if it’s the last opportunitea. A privilege to meet once (albeit virtually for now) and to create a memorable experience in the present. We hope you will continue to select Key To Teas as your daily tea ritual and experience. We exist to serve our customer and community through every human connection, one person, one cup at a time.

Social Responsibility: We are rooted in the principle of creating an equitable workplace through contributions to the community and our relationships. Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion is embedded in our core with a focused intention of empowering women, advocating for refugees, and orphaned children. We seek to partner with those who have similar values whether in tea producing regions of the world or directly with our customers.