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A Creed For Every Moment of Your Life

January 12, 2021

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I recently found a Creed For Life that I found somewhere on the web almost 30 years ago.  The time when the World Wide Web was just getting discovered. I remember typing and printing on colored paper when there were maybe 3 fonts available in a Word doc. After all these years, the universe just handed it back to me from the deep pits of moving boxes & memorabilia.  This is still relevant for my 40 year old self in light of my past 18 year old self.  Sharing for prosperity, a reminder when in doubt & to send to the ether to see if anybody has heard similar or find who the writer is.

Your life is a journey ahead of you. Each day is a new beginning. Yesterday is a friend that will guide you.
There will be good times and bad times; Cherish the good because they make life sweet, but be thankful for the bad, for through them, You come to know the meaning of life.
There will come times when you face difficult decisions And you won’t know which way to turn. The important thing is that you make a choice and move forward.
There will be times when you’ll be unsure of what to believe in; Believe in yourself, and you’ll never be without direction.
There will be times that test your strength and endurance, But don’t give up; refuse to accept defeat, For perseverance is the key to success.
There will be times when you are hurt by love. Forgive those who hurt you, so that your heart will be free to love again.
There will be times when you make mistakes. Remember that mistakes are not a reflection of your self-worth, But of your humanity, nor do they make you less of a person. Because the lessons you’ve learned, you’ve grown and become wiser.
There will be times when your search for happiness Leads to frustrations and disappointments. To be happy with the world, you must first be happy with yourself.
There will be times when life seems unfair. There will be times when fear stands in the way of Reaching out for your dreams. Confront your fears, and you will conquer them.
There will be times when faith is shaken, But don’t despair for it will return. Life gives everything that’s needed to be happy. All you need to do is REACH FOR IT.

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